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Hello and Welcome,
Thank's for visiting my website. My goal as a copywriter is to provide you with the right words to generate leads, convert prospects into customers, increase sales, build your brand, communicate with your clients, train your staff, educate buyers, and for non-profit organizations—I can help grow your membership and build and retain your donor base.

Here are some frequently asked questions, and answers, to help us get acquainted.

What kinds of materials do you write?

I provide copy for many types of marketing and communications collateral including web content, landing pages, articles, blogs, email campaigns, sales letters, newsletters, press releases, brochures, case studies, slide presentations, direct-mail packages and white papers.

My strength is my ability to quickly come up to speed on a wide range of subject matter, products and services, from simple to highly complex, and write copy that’s clear, credible and persuasive.

Do you handle copyediting of existing documents?

Whether you have a book chapter, feature article, white paper or any other written materials that could benefit from a fresh eye, I’m happy to provide you with revisions that will lift the impact and readability of your original draft.

Whom do you write for?

I write for clients of all sizes--from solopreneurs to corporations with five to 100+ employees, from start-ups to established enterprises—and in all types of industries, both B2B and B2C. I’ve created content for such areas as medicine, law, shipping logistics, high tech, wine & spirits, schools, religious institutions, non-profits and many more.

Distance is no object. I’m able to work with companies around the block as well as anywhere in the United States and overseas.

If you don't have any direct experience in my field, will you be able to write for my business?

Yes. It’ll take some time to learn the ins and outs of your business, your industry and its jargon. But I never find that to be a formidable task. I enjoy doing research and I’m a quick study. Writing is a marketing skill, and regardless of the industry you're in, the same basic marketing principles apply, adapted to your own particular business.

Will I have to sign a contract?

Yes. Once we’ve spoken and are clear about the specifications of your copywriting project, I'll prepare an agreement letter that doubles as a contract for you to sign. In it you’ll find a summary of all project details including a price quote. It's a good way for us to be sure we have the same expectations.

The agreement states exactly what I will deliver and gives a timeline for completion. It also includes conditions for a "kill fee" should you decide to end the project before I’ve completed work on it.

The quote I provide is based upon the parameters we discussed. If parameters change or the scope of the project grows during the production process, then I’ll talk with you about adjusting the budget accordingly. I’m fair and expect that you will be too.

How do you charge?

I charge a flat fee per project. After getting a clear handle on your project's specifications, I factor in how many hours I'll need to complete it, and then provide you with a firm quote.

I never charge an hourly rate. The time it takes me to complete your project is irrelevant. I’m sure you’d agree that what's important are the results.

What are your terms?

I require a 50% deposit up front. The balance is due upon project completion.

What kinds of payments do you accept?

I accept company checks or electronic payments through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can pay through PayPal using a Visa or MasterCard credit card. I can send you a link that makes the process super easy. I also accept wire transfers from your bank to mine. 

In what form will I receive your copy?

You'll receive the copy in the form of a MS-Word document, sent by email. Your web developer or graphic designer will handle placement of the copy in your marketing materials.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

Ideally I like to have 2-3 weeks to complete an assignment. Within that time I can edit, polish, and revise until I'm happy with every word.

But I know that you can’t always wait that long. So if your project is a rush, we'll specify the date by which you must receive the copy on our agreement letter. If I take on the job, I guarantee that you’ll have the copy on your desk by this deadline-date—or sooner. And the copy will be right—depend on it.

What about revisions?

The cost of the project always includes two rounds of revisions. Let me know where you want changes and I’ll get them done. 

Usually my first draft comes pretty close to nailing your objectives. But if that’s not the case, there’s no problem. Writing a first draft really helps me clarify exactly what you're looking for. Your feedback on the first draft gives me the information I need to be more on target with the second draft.

How will we begin to work together?

We’ll meet by phone to discuss your project needs. I’ll ask lots of questions about what you’re selling and who you’re selling to. I’ll ask who your competitors are. I’ll ask for your website URL and some information relevant to your project. If you’re in the Washington DC Metro area and prefer to meet in person, I’m happy to do that. But, I’ll need to add a little more to the cost of your project.

When you give the word, I’ll produce a first draft, and have it in your hands on or before its deadline date. I’ll wait for your feedback and make revisions as needed. I consider the job finished only when you ‘re 100% satisfied. 

So, why not try my freelance copywriting service for your next website update, landing page, newsletter, feature article, direct-mail package, sales letter and more?

Best regards,


P.S. If you have a writing project that needs immediate attention, call me right now at 703-992-7161. There’s no charge to discuss your job and provide you with a cost estimate. And, there’s no obligation to buy.