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About Rhonda
I started selling at 12. As maybe the youngest Avon lady on record I walked around my home neighborhood and knocked on doors. I got customers!

I'm a natural businesswoman and have been, even when I held a full time job at Columbia's College of Physicians and Surgeons where I started a side business creating charts and graphs for publication in Medical Journals - by hand, long before computers could do this. A somewhat compulsive copyeditor, I found myself editing correspondence, event programs and the non-scientific parts of journal articles, cleaning up sentence and paragraph structure, syntax and punctuation. I edited articles to comply with specific style guidelines for Medical Journal submissions.

On staff at Redbook magazine I wrote and edited sales letters. In Strategic Planning at the UJA Federation of New York I wrote qualitative analyses of focus group interviews and assisted in writing questionnaires, screeners and Powerpoint Presentations. My analysis of the Zogby report on ethnic spending was published in the Jewish Week.

As an assistant to solo attorneys I became knowledgeable of the procedures and challenges of the legal profession and so am especially equipped to write for their special needs including drafting correspondence, copyediting motion papers, briefs, affidavits, complaints and more.

I started RHWMedia in 2008 to provide copywriting and content creation services to businesses of all types including small start-ups, not-for-profit organizations, academia and law.

Software and Design expertise are the other side of my communications skill set. I offer a one-stop shop for writing and design of brochures, fliers, report covers, presentations and newsletters.

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